NAil Knowledge,

With Marian Newman 

After nearly 2 years in the planning, an idea voiced by Kevin Nicholls (from Roo Beauty but an IT geek) to Marian Newman has, at last, resulted in Nail Knowledge.

This is fact based learning on-line. BUT, there is a difference! Nail Knowledge is all the knowledge and understanding essential for the nail professional. It is presented via 3 Masterclasses (The Nail Unit, Product Chemistry and Health & Safety) each having 5-6 separate Lessons.

The BIG difference is that it is presented in a totally unique way. Every individual learns in different ways. Some like reading, some listening, some watching and some ‘experiencing’. Theory is almost always taught using 2D images and diagrams. Nail Knowledge animates all of this teaching. You can see the nail growing from the nail matrix; you can watch polymerisation happening; see the blood and antibodies rush to fight an allergen!

Nail Knowledge hits every learning style. Beautiful graphics and animations. The written word, the spoken word together with Knowledge Points in each Lesson, Knowledge Checks after each Lesson. It all culminates in the Final Exam which, when passed, results in the Nail Knowledge Essential Nail Professional Diploma.

The website itself is building into an information base that is an invaluable resource for the nail professional.

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Nail Knowledge

online module


Purchase as a stand alone module (not brand specific and perfect for upskilling your current theory)

This module is included with any foundation course we run. Must complete prior to starting practical modules.

  1. Marian Newman is the Author but has collaborated with 2 other experts to make sure the facts are accurate and right up to date with current research. Vitaly Solomonov (a Dermatologist and Cosmetic Chemist) edited Masterclass 1, The Nail Unit. Doug Schoon (world renowned ‘all things nails’ expert) has edited Masterclass 2, Product Chemistry